DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
Foxy (in Longwood, Florida)
Date: August 18, 1999 
Subject: Medical Stuff

Dear Mommy:

I went for my medical today. For sure I'm headed back to the track. Needed a new medical, I guess. The Doctor checked every single part of me - some I've never heard of. Shots! I got shots for every disease known to man, woman or greyhound!

I had a long chat with Toni and Jane the receptionists. They told me when I was asleep I was spayed. Is that a good thing? I never heard anyone at the track talking about spayed - I hope it isn't like taking steroids. That could get me in REAL big trouble.

I woke up pretty dopey. Wonder what they gave me? Whoa, it sure hurts to move. "Move slowly now" Like a greyhound can do anything slowly. Dumb Vet!

There is a lot of talk around the office about Greyhound Pets. I think the new track is called Greyhound Pets of America. Where could it be? I never heard of it. And I've been to every track in Florida. Hey, I'm traveling again. Get out of my way! See Mom I'm on my way back into the game. I'm a winner!

I'll let you know how the come back goes. It'll be great!

Love and kisses,


Dear Foxy:
This all sounds very strange. I never had a medical like that and I sure never got that spayed stuff. Maybe it's that homeopathic medicine that's all the rage with the people in Miami. I asked around about the Greyhound Pets and the news is real bad. When you get mixed up with them you disappear forever - without a trace.