DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy (In Orlando, Florida)
Date: September 20, 1999 
Subject: Still waiting

Dear Mommy:

Maw says I'm going to Canada for sure. She says it is a wonderful place for retired racing greyhounds. Pardon! Retired! I've not told her I'm not retired. I don't want to hurt her feelings and I sure don't want to give up this good thing. I'll tell her when I get to the Greyhound Pets track in Canada.
I'm still in this foster care place. Mommy, you should see if you can get into foster care.

It has been very stormy - even a hurricane - so the trip to Canada keeps getting put off. Maw packs my crate into the van and we head off to the airport but we end up coming back home. The planes can't fly in the bad weather and when they do fly they don't have enough room for me and my crate - like I'm going to travel in a crate! Its a lovely outing every time. Maw brings lots of treats. And the people around the airport make quite a fuss over me - lots of scratching and stroking. I love the respect. In the end we go back home to the soft beds and great food. I think we should do this more often.
I have a new friend at the foster home. His name is Gabe. So big and handsome! He is going to Canada too. Mommy, you won't believe what the Vet did to him! Ever embarrassing! He's going to Greyhound Pets too. Maybe we are going together.

Talk to you later,


Dear Foxy:
So glad you are enjoying your stay at the foster home even in this awful weather. 

You must be very careful with boy greyhounds. I think I explained why when you were a puppy. Boys can end your career!