DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy (Over Georgia)
Date: October 2, 1999 
Subject: We're off!

Dear Mommy:

Me and Gabe are in the air! It is exciting to be going to Canada. It is also humiliating that the airline made us get into our crates and then - believe this - they put us in the baggage compartment. We are not just ordinary dogs! We are part of Egyptian History and the only dog in the Bible and now we are stuffed into the hold! No soft cushions. No snacks. No creature comforts. This better not take too long.

Maw didn't come with us. Couldn't. She had to stay in Orlando with some new foster dogs. She said that Chris and Lynda would meet us at the other end and would take good care of us. Sure hope they bring snacks. And something soft to lay on.

Mommy, I know where this Canada is. I was listening to the pilot. It seems Canada is in Syracuse ‘cause that's where this plane is going. I can hear the stewardess talking about drinks and snacks. Hello! We're thirsty down here. And I can always use a snack. Maybe a pillow. And some light would be nice too.

Seat belts, chair tables in the upright position. Sure. Like we had any of this stuff. I'm not liking this flying thing. On the ground is how to travel - in a van with soft seats and no crate.

Wow! That was scary. Has this guy ever driven a plane before? They call that a landing? Okay people, lets get out of the darned box. Time's up. We are out of here.

Hope Chris and Lynda are waiting....




Dear Foxy:

Wow, that sounds exciting! Glad you arrived safely. Let me know where you are staying.