DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy (In North Gower, Ontario)
Date: October 3, 1999 
Subject: Canada!

Dear Mommy:

I had a serious chat with Chris at the airport. Explained that Gabe and I were not big on the crate mode of travel but were big on food, soft seats and looking out the windows. He said he would take care of that. We said we would cooperate. The crates stayed on the floor and Gabe and I sat on the seats.

We left the airport in the middle of the night and we were off for hours of driving. Apparently Canada is not in Syracuse. Not even close. Except for nature breaks and cookies we drove on. You wouldn't believe where we ended up - the middle of nowhere!! It seems Canada has about two dozen houses and really calls itself North Gower.

I think this is a foster home. Gabe and I met Lynda (a person), Boomer, Trippa, (both greyhounds) and Crystal - a fur ball. There are soft beds, soft toys, and tons of good food. Maw sure had this right! I like it here. Gabe and I have our own place to hang out. Right by the door. Gabe and I did some serious sleeping. It had been a tough night - flying and driving.

In the morning Lynda sat us down for a heart to heart chat. She said we would not stay here for long and that there were families who would take us permanently. I didn't understand - I thought foster care was as good as it gets. And it sure is good! Wrong! Adoption, she says, is the ultimate arrangement for Retired racing greyhounds. That "R" word again. Lynda said my new family was waiting for me and I would be going with them in a couple of days. Lynda also said they are nice people who live close by. I am pretty nervous about all of this. 



Dear Foxy:
I'm glad that every thing is going okay. I never heard of this adoption thing. Life sure can be an adventure. Have you been to the track yet? To see the other Greyhound Pets?