DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy (In Gloucester)
Date: October 4, 1999 
Subject: New Family

Dear Mommy:

It's been very busy to-day. Lynda got me all spiffy for my new family - shampoo, nails clipped, teeth brushed and an info-pet chip stuck not all that gently into my back. And then she left me cooling my heels in a pen - for forever. Boy, these people had better be pretty special.

My family arrived at sunset - not in any hurry to meet me, I guess. So I acted real aloof to show them who would be boss. It worked. They scratched and petted me like crazy. I was in total control.

The man, the Grump, is a big guy about 100 years old who doesn't get around all that well. He's a target for sure. The lady is real nice. Bet she'll be a softy. A Greyhound can tell these things! The son is a teenager. I'll just stay out of his way - a little hard to figure teenagers.

They drive a tiny little car and expected me to share the back seat with the teen. Sure! I stood up all the way home and pushed the kid into the door! It was a long trip. But I stood my ground. No crate this trip. I might like this.
The house has stairs everywhere. Could be a problem. And a huge fur-ball who thinks he owns the house. We'll see. Watch out fella..... Foxy has arrived.

Bed time. Oh joy! I'm sleeping in the office with the Grump. 

Love and kisses,


Dear Foxy:

Try to get along there. This might just be a good thing for you.