DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: October 6, 1999 
Subject: Getting along

Dear Mommy:

It's pretty okay here....

The Kid sleeps on the couch to keep me company - no more locked in the office stuff. I get up and down the stairs without killing myself - most of the time. The Kid takes me for a walk now and then. Dinner comes right on time - twice a day. There are dog cookies every night. I have a soft bed and no one ever catches me on the couch. Stuffed toys are every where. The Grouch is home all day to protect me from the fur-ball and see that I get out on my schedule.

It is apparently a big deal to get the mail as it comes through the slot. The dumb genius dog thinks he can get there first. Sure fella! I can hit forty miles an hour in three strides. Now, if only I could get up those pesky stairs on the way to the door. I will get there first!! Someday.

The track here is called the Rideau Carleton Raceway. I haven't been there yet but I work out every day - must be in top shape. I run laps in the living room and in the yard. It scares the hell out of my people! They yell and shriek, "Stop Foxy". I ignore them.

Yup! This is okay. I might like it here.

Love and kisses,


Dear Foxy:

It sounds fine, Foxy. Don't you go getting yourself in trouble. You sure could do worse. I think you've been adopted and that's a good thing for an old pooch like you.