DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: October 10, 1999 
Subject: Litter Mates

Dear Mommy:

The Grump had all kinds of people over to show off the new Greyhound - like I'm furniture or something! I tried to be aloof, cold, and remote but it is really hard when people are stroking and rubbing you and talking to you. Before long I was leaning on them and wagging my tail. I was so out of control. Do you think I've caught some "ordinary dog thing" from the Fur-ball? Oh, I scooped a little cake from the coffee table and drank out of Mom's coffee cup. Obviously not allowed!

It seems that the Kid, Andrew, has a brother and a sister, Darin and Amanda. Amanda says they are siblings but I thing that's just uptown talk for litter mates. Boy, people sure have small litters. So now, am I a new litter mate to Amanda? This people stuff is very confusing to me. I like Amanda a lot. She's real kind and gentle.

Amanda calls the Grump "Dad" and the lady "Mom". I think I will do that too. But the Kid is still the Kid if you get my drift.

Finally when everyone left Dad gave us extra cookies and Angus headed to the water heater tank and I went off to my bed. I think I will like people visiting.

Love and kisses,


Dear Foxy:

I think all of this does mean that you're adopted. I think adopted is a change of litter mates like you said. You aren't in the Dawg family anymore but in your new family.

Food, cookies, big soft bed, scratches, rubs, toys. It all sounds wonderful. I'm so pleased for you, dear.

Don't blow it with that attitude.