DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: November 1, 1999 
Subject: Smart Dog

Dear Mommy:

I'm doing real good now. I haven't tried to walk through any windows for weeks. I only occasionally trip on the stairs. I don't skate on the linoleum in the kitchen any more. I can even walk on the hardwood without shaking. Good stuff, eh?

Angus, the Fur-ball, has learned who is boss - Moi! - so there is no need to snarl and snap anymore. I just use my steely stare and he moves on. I have taken all the dog toys for my own. I do let him eat beside me but I watch him closely. Hey, I even eat his leftovers. I never leave him any.

Mom and Dad think I'm really smart. They took me to a place for smart dogs on Saturday. It is called Pet Smart. Angus was not invited for obvious reasons though Dad says it was because the car is too small. Dad tries not to hurt feelings. I shared a cookie and a drink with a couple of other racing greyhounds. We shared stories about past glories on the track, racing injuries, lifetime earnings - and soft beds, treats, toys, shiny floors and more. The greyhound people rattled on and on about RETIRED RACING GREYHOUNDS!! 

They just don't get it. Give me a chance to run and stand back. We are just resting until the next race. Have you ever seen a greyhound do anything slowly?

It is very cold here. It was 5 degrees in the morning. I think the numbers tell how miserable you will feel - they are on the radio and the TV all the time. Mom made me a coat to stay warm. It is like my track jacket but without a number. I'm sure she will fix that oversight.

Love and kisses,


Dear Foxy:

You are definitely adopted and certainly retired. 

Just lay back and enjoy it. It's a good place to be. The Boss says I'm retired too now - but I'm not going to North Gower.