DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Amanda 
FROM: Foxy (at home, still!)
Date: November 24, 1999 
Subject: Florida & Me

Dear Amanda:

Do you believe this?? I sure don't. And he says I'm special! Dad is going to Florida and he won't take me!! I want to see my family and friends. He is going to see his family and friends. Not fair!! I only take up a little space on the plane - you've seen me curled up in the armchair. No! No! You've never seen that. But I bet I could if I wanted to. It's just not fair!

And I bet he orders a bunch of snow for us. Mom said he ordered an ice storm when he went to Florida a couple of years ago. It's just not fair!

Could you talk to him? Please!! Or should I give him a little nip?

Love and kisses,


No Foxy, you definitely should not give him a little nip. You will be in a great deal of trouble if you do that. And even though he seems to be great and powerful, Dad did not order the ice storm - or any other weather for that matter. 

Now stop being a baby. You're 5 after all. You have a new family here. You have new friends. Send a note to your Mom and friends in Florida. Send it with Dad - you can bet he'll be at the track a time or two or more if his $20 holds up.

I will come to visit you while he is gone. Promise.