DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Amanda 
FROM: Foxy (at the North Pole!)
Date: December 4, 1999 
Subject: Rein-hounds

Dear Amanda:

Lynda, the greyhound boss, called a couple of days ago. She had a job for Andrew and me at PETsMART. 

Me because of my exceptional intellect and Andrew because he's so big. Andrew had to wear hair on his face and a really big red suit. His job was to hold dogs and cats on his lap so some man could shine bright lights in their eyes. My job was to stand around looking fetching and being friendly. It was like being a Demo-Dog. I think Demo-Dogs are now called rein-dogs. We were supposed to wear brown pointy things on our heads but there are limits to how far a hound will go to hold a job.

There were dogs and cats and people everywhere. It was a little testy at times but I maintained my self control. I met a whole gang of greyhounds that came from Florida. After the required scowling and sniffing we got down to some serious chit chat. I guess there are just about no greyhounds left around Orlando.

Some of the hounds chose to lay around on their mats but not me. I took my job very seriously and allowed myself to be petted and scratched by every man, woman and child in the area. Of course, I did my share of sniffing in return. What a great hound I am! 

Because of my exemplary efforts Lynda paid me in cookies - three I think. I guess Andrew didn't do as good a job - he didn't get any cookies.
We are invited to go back tomorrow. Pretty good, eh?



Great job Foxy. I hope you are hanging on to a few of those cookies for another day. 

This could be a career move for sure. A Foxy model!

I hope someone took pictures......of Andrew.