DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: December 6, 1999 
Subject: My Birthday

Dear Mommy:

Its my birthday. Whatever that is. It doesnt matter what it is - its neat. People give you stuff. I got toys and a chew thing and treats to eat. I shared the chew with Angus. I hope he gets a birthday so I can share his goodies. There must be birthday rules or else everybody would get a birthday every day.

It is very cold here. There is snow and ice everywhere. I dont think we had them in Florida. It is like walking on linoleum in the refrigerator. My new coat keeps my body warm but my tootsies are frozen. I go out long enough to do my business and then beat a trail back into the house - which, by the way, isnt all that toastie either. You wouldnt believe what people wear. A walk? I think not.

I heard a conversation about the track. It is closed for the winter. Just as well. Im a little out of shape.

There is a funny rule here. Angus explained it to me. You can lay on the couch all day as long as you get off when somebody walks into the living room. Hey! I can live with that. There is an awful scene if you dont follow the rule exactly. You know Im a pretty sound sleeper - so Angus groans when someone comes and Im to get off. Canine cooperation.

Im an indoor dog now.



Hi Foxy:

That Birthday thing is pretty good. I wonder if we could get that here in the United States?

Love Mommy