DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Amanda 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: December 30, 1999 
Subject: Another me!

Dear Amanda:

A really bad thing happened to me to-day. Mom and Dad came home from Toronto. Wait! That was a good thing!

I was really tired of keeping Angus and the Kid in line. Some one had to be responsible 
- Up at 6:00: Breakfast at 6:05: 
- Out at 6:10: Back in at 6:12 
- COOKIES at 8:00: Out at 10:00: Back in at 10:05: 
- Out at 2:00: Back in at 2:05: 
- Supper at 5:00: Out at 5:05: Back in at 5:10: 
- COOKIES at 8:00: Out at 11:00: Back in at 11:05. 

What's so tough about all this? Just a little order to keep one's perspective.

Mom and Dad got home really tired and late because there was a storm. Mom was too worn out to cook so she ordered a pizza (food I suppose) from the corner. A teen brought it in a big orange box. Mom said she needed to clean up before she ate. Looked a little grungy. She twisted the dials on the stove and then opened the door and fed the pizza to the stove. Well I'll be! What about the dogs? I couldn't believe it. I looked into the stove again and it was ME with the pizza. There I was in the stove with the pizza. I growled fiercely. And again. The me in the stove just growled back. Must have been one of those near death experiences as I was scared nearly to death. I headed for my bed and the comfort of the family's shoes and socks.

Mom came down and took the box out of the stove. The stove me was gone. It was magic.

Amanda have you ever had a vision of yourself in the stove? It's good that Mom can fix these really bad things.



Dear Foxy:

I've never had the experience but then I'm a bit tall for glimpsing into the oven door. You bet it's a good thing that Moms can fix these things. They are very special people!