DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: December 31, 1999 
Subject: Hurricane Coming!

Dear Mommy:

I think there is going to be big trouble here. Dad is talking like the end of the world is to-night. Mom went out and bought extra food - mostly canned and dry-kibble and cookies were included. She even bought candles and big jugs of water. Dad says he got money out of the bank just in case. Wished he had enough money to buy a generator. "Yep, dear, the computer will be toast". "I don't know about the car" . Mommy, this isn't good.

Dad didn't board the doors and windows like we did in Florida. And there are no Sheriff's Officers saying we have to leave. I think they don't know much about hurricanes here. They don't even know that you give them girl's names. They call this one Y2K. I can't even pronounce that.

I must have my nap. I'll finish worrying tomorrow.

Mommy, nothing happened. The sun came up. The lights came on. The computer works and the car started.

Bonus!! We have all kinds of extra food to eat. And boxes of treats!



Dear Foxy:

I'm so glad it all worked. It is too bad they don't know about hurricanes. Maybe you could teach them - you're so clever - they take you to Pet Clever after all.