DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Amanda 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: January 10, 2000 
Subject: Dad's Off!

Dear Amanda:

Believe this! Dad who always gets up at 8:30 got up at 5:00 AM. He disturbed my beauty sleep. He'll pay for that! Anyway, he threw his clothes in the big green bag, got some papers from the file cabinet, and phoned his friend Paul. He sat with us pooches while he had his coffee. Even passed out a cookie or two. Then with a quick goodbye, at 6:00 AM he was off in Paul's van. Strange behaviour here.

Whoa!! Hold on! I get it! He's off to Florida, again! Leaving the loyal canine companion in the frigid snowy north. Freezing! I'm mortally wounded. He paid $400 to go. It would only cost $56 for me to go with him. What came over him? Foxy wanted to go too. He takes me to PetsMart when I want to go. And for walks. And car rides. Why not to Florida? This is real important to this greyhound.

I can imagine those long lazy days on the beaches lounging in the sun. The long walks on the boardwalk at the pier. Days with no ice or snow - or coats or sweaters. A greyhound's dream vacation. Above all, visits to the track where I could prove I'm still real fast and real tough - a money winner! Gee, Dad we could turn a profit.

I really wanted to see my family and my friends. And find some heat. I just wanted to lay around enjoying the weather and the company.

I guess that is what Dad wanted too. I hope he has a wonderful break. I guess he just forgot me....



Dear Fox:

Dad will be back soon - 2 weeks. He always brings back treasures. I bet he brings you reminders from the track. In the meantime it is pretty warm here and Andrew can take you out. Dad looked up your family tree on the World Wide Web, so maybe he'll get some family news for you - or some track winnings. I'll come over to visit you.