DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Amanda 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: January 20, 2000 
Subject: Dad's Coming Home

Dear Amanda:

Mom says that Dad's coming home to-day, after supper. His buddy is going to pick him up at the airport with the van. I'm sure that is so Dad can get all the souvenirs he promised here for the distribution to the loving dog family.

I missed Dad a lot and I'm keen to get the treasures but there is a point to be made here. He did after all leave for the South without me. I'm going to ignore him completely. I won't sit at the door for hours waiting for Dad to come home. Maybe, just a little while.

There's the van. It could be Paul's but they all look pretty much the same. Okay, there's the green bag - and a new black one. Oh! He's at the door. There's the key in the door. Cool! Foxy girl! Cool! The lock turns. This aloof is really tough. The door opens! Oh no! My tail is wagging like crazy. I'm jumping up and down and bumping his butt. Pushing my snout into his face. This is so embarrassing. So much for aloof. He'll never believe I was hurt and angry.

All that embarrassment aside lets get on with the presents. Jewellery for Mom and T-shirts and sweatshirts all around. I hope not for me. No! Chew toys for Angus and I. Mine squeaks and Angus' is silent - the old guy can't take the noise anymore.

Okay lets get on with the evening cookies. It's been a hectic day and I need a nap.

Glad to have Dad home.



Dear Fox:

It seems you are now retired, adopted and truly part of a family. I'm so happy that it all worked out for you. Dad will tell you about the track and your Buds after he recovers from his losses.