DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Lynda 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: January 31, 2000 
Subject: Greyhound  Rescue

Dear Lynda:

Remember me? You and Chris brought me and Gabe to Ottawa from Florida. The talk around PETsMART is that you have done this hundreds of times for about a gizzillion other greyhounds.

There is a HUGE problem here, Lynda. It is way too cold! Ottawa is for Fur-Balls and Huskies - not for the dainty, sleek, exquisite dog of Egypt. Have you ever heard of snow in Egypt? Or wind chills? There's a clue there! Greyhounds are not snow and cold creatures. I have to dress up like a clown just to do my business in the yard. The humiliated exquisite dog!

It seems to me that if you have the power to get dogs South to North you should be able to get them North to South. Well, it's North-South time right now. Please!

If you can get me back to the track in Orlando I will be able to pay back the fare to Florida in a few days. Winnings , you understand....

And by the way where did you get that butt ugly picture of my family you put on the Web Page? Like that will be good for business!




Dear Foxy:

Sorry Foxy. Yes, it gets a little cold here, but it isn't all that bad in the north. Spring will be around soon and the temperature will climb. It is very cool in Florida right now too - so it's not all that pleasant. In the meantime stay on the couch wrapped in the collectibles. I just can't help you go south.

As for the picture…. the Warden said that's the best one they had!