DOG-E-MAIL TO:  Mommy 
FROM: Foxy 
Date: July 15
Subject: No More Letters

Dear Mommy:

There will be no more letters! There will be no more clunking on the computer keys. There will be no more pesky spell check thingy. No more screechy modem noises.

I found where Dad keeps the cell phone when he goes to bed!!

So here’s the scoop. I’ll phone the kennel at 12 o’clock every Sunday night. You sneak into the trainer’s shack every Sunday night and answer the phone. That way we can have a private chat. And Dad won’t tell everybody on the Internet the "cute things we said". I never did learn how to erase a letter from the computer innards.

So there’s the deal, Mom. Pretty neat, eh? Eh is a Canadian word that means "right". You see, I’m learning Canadian....

Dad's cell doesn’t have a number so you can’t phone me. I looked all over the house and I just can’t find it. Don’t need a number for the computer. Dad says it’s smart technology. The cell must be dumb technology. Besides the cell plays some dumb music when it needs to be answered so I’d get caught for sure.

So I’ll call you Sunday!




Foxy, you’re scary. I hope we don’t go to jail. I’ll be waiting Sunday.