June Schedule


                                                   Every Saturday & Sunday, 9:30am

                                                   May 31 & June 1, 2014 - Arboretum

                                                   June 7 & June 8, 2014 - P5 Rockcliffe Parkway

                                                                          June 14 & June 15, 2014 - P5 Rockcliffe Parkway                                  

                                                   June 21 & June 22, 2014 - Arboretum

                                                   June 28 & June 29, 2014 - Arboretum


Please see location details below



You and your greyhound are invited to join the fun!!

The seed was planted during a ‘Greyhounds Reach the Beach’ function in Dewey Beach, Delaware. We had met some folks from Syracuse, N.Y. who regularly got together for weekend walks with their greyhounds. The next summer we joined them on a couple of occasions and saw how much fun our greyhounds had, meeting new greyhounds with tails wagging, and then enjoying walking together. We also enjoyed getting together with other greyhound adopters. This would be greyt to do closer to home!

There were already many greyhounds that had found their forever homes in the Ottawa area, thanks to Chris and Lynda Seed of Adopt-A-Greyhound, and this would be fun to share with other greyhound adopters!

We decided to check out areas in and around Ottawa that might be suitable. Shortly thereafter another greyhound adopter expressed interest in a greyhound walking group, so the serious planning began. ‘The Strolling Greyhounds’, the Greyhound Walk & Talk group became a reality, when Lynda forwarded our first email, inviting all adopters to the first walk on Saturday July 15, 2006.

From response to that first email invitation, we’ve grown from an initial contact group of 16, to the current 67 and still growing.

Our walks began as a weekly get-together for AAG adopters and their greyhounds, and have grown to welcome many other greyhounds and their folks. They have evolved from every Saturday, to alternating Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Then to every Sunday only, and most recently to every Saturday and Sunday. We alternate between east, central and west Ottawa, and walk rain or shine.

Perhaps you've grown tired of looking at the same scenery on your daily walks,  your greyhound has grown weary of sniffing the same doggie scents, and you're ready to try something new to both of you! Whether you are brand new to greyhound adoption or an 'old hand', this is an opportunity to enjoy fresh air, some exercise (no special equipment or skill required), and meet and chat with other greyhound families as you explore some of the many local walking areas that are available within the Greater Ottawa area. 

If you’re interested in joining us, or for more information, please contact me. We’d love to meet you!


Home (613) 599-7761  Cell (613) 868-8390. m.mcgrath7761@rogers.com


Hi Folks,

Please join us Saturdays & Sundays at 9:30am at the locations and dates as listed above.  Please see location details below.

P5 - parking lot on the Rockcliffe Parkway
, west of the Aviation Museum on the north(river) side of the parkway.


For details go to:


In the enlarged map P5 is the parking area west of the #25 marker (denoting the RCMP musical ride).


The pathway follows along the Parkway then loops back along the Ottawa River.  The paths are easy, mostly shaded and well maintained.



From the west there are a number of routes to access the Rockcliffe Parkway.

-         - the easiest may be to take the 417 west, exit at St. Laurent Blvd.

-         - at the lights at the end of the off-ramp turn left onto St. Laurent Blvd.

-         - at the 3rd set of lights turn right onto Ogilvie Road.

-         - at the 3rd set of lights turn left onto the Aviation Parkway

-         - just before the Aviation Museum turn left onto the Rockcliffe Parkway west ramp.

-         - P5 is the 1st parking area on your right.


From the east   

     - access the Rockcliffe Parkway from Aviation Parkway

Note:  Rockcliffe Parkway from St. Joseph’s Blvd to Aviation Pkwy is closed Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm for Alcatel-Lucent Sunday Bikedays.

-         - proceed west past the Aviation Museum

-         - P5 is the 1st parking area on your right.


The Signature Centre is located in Kanata.  We meet in the parking lot beside Shoppers Drug Mart.  The walkway is well maintained and easy walking.  There is a section through a wooded area that is somewhat hilly, or alternatively we continue walking on the paved walkway to the sidewalk along Kanata Avenue, then onto Goldridge Drive circling back to the walkway.


For details go to:





-              - Exit Hwy 417 at Terry Fox Drive,

-             - Turn north onto Terry Fox Drive, continue on Terry Fox Drive through the lights at Campeau Drive,

-              - Just past the Esso Station on the right turn into Signature Centre,

-              - Shoppers Drug Mart is at the end of the mall to the left.  




The Arboretum at  the Central Experimental Farm, meeting in the parking lot at Building 72.  The trails are well groomed and easy walking.


For details go to:




Located on Prince of Wales Drive, the Arboretum can be accessed  

 - by taking Carling Avenue, turning south onto Prescott Street, then right onto Prince of Wales, or 

 - by taking Queen Elizabeth Drive towards Dows Lake where it changes to Prince of Wales Drive, or 

 - by taking Baseline Road, turning north onto Prince of Wales Drive.


The entrance to the Arboretum is at the traffic circle at the top of the hill.  Building 72 is the grey building to the left.


 P14 - Nepean Sportsplex, meeting in the parking lot behind the sportsplex in the southeast corner.  The trails are well groomed and easy walking.



Located on Woodroffe Avenue, south of Hunt Club Road.  


And don’t forget!

-You know your pups, so if there is a possibility they are “cranky” around other pups, please use a muzzle until you know how they will get along. 


-         -Our greyhound buddies can now bring along their non-greyhound housemates.  Our greyhound participants appear to be fine with most other breeds and we feel that since these housemates live with greyhounds there should be limited issues.  You know your pups, both greyhound and non-greyhound, so please take necessary precautions (muzzles, etc.) and advise of any issues before introducing new attendees.


-         -When it’s hot come prepared and know the signs of heatstroke.  We suggest bringing a squirt bottle full of cold water to keep your pup cool.


-Drinking water.


-Insect repellent.
-Bring your first aid kit (just in case).  If your pup has special needs, ensure you are prepared.


Hope to see you this weekend,

“Strolling Greyhounds”